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What is Raw Hair? Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair - What's the difference?

What is Raw Hair? Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair - What's the difference?

What is Raw Hair? Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair - What's the difference?

Is Raw Hair the highest grade of hair? If so, what about virgin hair? Which is the best? So who wins the Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair battle? The next 60 Seconds in this blog may answer you.

What is RAW Hair?

RAW Hair is the purest form of hair. As the name states, it is natural hair in its true unaltered form. The texture, colour and all other properties of hair are preserved from the donor to the final bundles. 

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is again the purest of the hair which is not coloured or dyed or treated chemically.

So both Virgin Hair and RAW Hair are the same?

The straight forward answer is YES. They are both the same. But the marketing world has labelled and coined these words with different products creating a lot of confusion. 

And the truth behind is..

During 2010 to 2016, hair companies did brand the highest quality of human hair in the market with appropriate terms. The best hair from temples of South India is the called as REMY VIRGIN Hair Extensions. Remy denoting the cuticles are intact and unidirectional. Virgin denoting the hair is not coloured/ not dyed/ not treated chemically and is in the purest form as is in the donor. 

What is Raw Hair? Raw Hair Vs Virgin Hair - What's the difference?

Slowly the term VIRGIN and REMY became popular and the hair companies in China started using these terms for all their products. But the real truth is Hair from China is neither remy nor virgin. They are acid treated to peel off the cuticles and coloured with chemicals and coated with layers. And so the term REMY/VIRGIN became a victim of false advertising. 

Now, the new name for REMY&VIRGIN Hair is RAW Hair. And this name "RAW" may not stay forever. It will be replaced once the Chinese companies start using it for their products.

So where to buy the Highest Quality of Hair?

Regardless of the marketing names and changes in trend, the highest quality of Indian Hair in its purest form which is not processed chemically is manufactured relentlessly at Dhwarak Indian Hair's factory in India.

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