How to Find the Perfect Raw Indian Hair? ABSOLUTELY Best Raw Indian Hair Bundles, Raw Indian Hair Closures, Frontals and Raw Indian Hair Wigs

Understanding Raw Indian Hair

The journey to temples that are located in the villages of Tamil Nadu, that are quite far away. We visit these temples to find the most amazing hair that hasn't been changed or colored in any way.

The hair we find here is really unique. It's like a treasure because it hasn't been treated with any chemicals. We take this special hair to a special place in Chennai, which is a big city in India. There, we carefully make the hair even more beautiful, while still keeping its specialness intact.

Welcome to Dhwarak Indian Hair! Our story is about unique places, amazing hair, and making you look fantastic. 

At Dhwarak Indian Hair, we believe in being transparent and honest. In order to make sure the hair is absolutely raw so we don't work with middlemen who might mix the hair with other things. Our hair is like a true story - there are no fake things added!

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Raw Indian Hair Bundles

Raw Indian hair bundles are sourced from a single donor and remain unprocessed. They come in different textures like straight, wavy, curly, and bouncy curls. This hair is completely natural and hasn't been treated with chemicals. These bundles showcase a diverse array of textures, encompassing the sleek allure of straight hair, the graceful undulations of body wave hair, the spirited coils of curls, and the lively bounce of organic bouncy curls. The hallmark of these virgin hair extensions lies in its unadulterated nature, free from the influence of chemical processes.  It can be curled or straightened to suit your preference, yet it possesses the unique ability to revert to its original texture effortlessly.

Single Donor Raw Unprocessed Hair with Cuticles

The process begins with sourcing hair from a single donor, ensuring a cohesive and consistent texture. Skilled artisans deftly bundle this hair from a single donor, paying meticulous attention to maintain the same direction from root to tip. This meticulous arrangement guarantees that the hair retains its natural luster and flow. The result is a collection of hair bundles that exude uniformity and authenticity. This method ensures that the hair's integrity remains intact.

By avoiding any mixing or blending of different parts of the hair, we ensure that the bundles are composed of hair that remains true to its natural state. This commitment to maintaining the original structure of the hair from the donor guarantees that the final product is characterized by its authenticity and unaltered beauty.

It is this attention to detail and dedication to quality that sets our hair bundles apart, allowing you to embrace the genuine beauty that comes with raw unprocessed single donor hair. With proper care, these bundles endure the passage of time gracefully, maintaining their luxurious quality for a span exceeding eight years. 

Chemical Free Processing at Dhwarak Indian Hair

After sourcing the raw, unprocessed hair from a single donor, it is then transported to our factory in Chennai, India. Here, a meticulous and chemical-free processing takes place, where the hair undergoes transformation into what we proudly call Raw Indian Hair Bundles.

During this process, the hair's natural characteristics are preserved, ensuring that no chemical interventions alter its inherent qualities. The hair retains its cuticle structure, a crucial element for its longevity and overall health. This dedication to maintaining the cuticle integrity enhances the hair's ability to resist tangling and maintain its natural sheen.

Unaltered Raw Textures

We pride ourselves on preserving the natural textures of the Virgin hair we source. We refrain from artificially creating textures, as we believe in showcasing the authentic diversity that arises from the hair's natural state. Each texture is a genuine reflection of the donor's hair, untouched and unaltered.

100% Organic Bouncy Curly Hair Bundles

We also understand the significance of meeting individual preferences. In this regard, we provide the option for customization of textures to accommodate our clients' desires.

For instance, we can create textures like the organic bouncy curly pattern. It's important to note that our approach to customization remains aligned with our commitment to preserving the hair's integrity. In achieving these customized textures, we avoid the use of chemicals, relying instead on a process involving water and steam. This approach ensures that the end result retains the natural essence of the hair while still catering to the specific desires of our valued clients.

Raw Indian Hair Bundles with Closures and Frontals

Our raw unprocessed hair, sourced meticulously from temples of India, are the very essence of unaltered beauty. Untouched by chemicals and untreated, this hair retains their natural grace and vibrancy. The journey from serene temples to the bustling city of Chennai is marked by care and dedication, where we enhance the inherent splendor of the hair while cherishing its authenticity.

In tandem with this exceptional hair, our HD lace closures and frontals redefine naturalness. The utilization of high-definition lace allows the closures and frontals literally undetectable, creating an illusion that's as captivating as it is realistic. Made with precision, our closures and frontals mimic the natural hairline effortlessly.

Natural Hairline in Lace Closures and Lace Frontals

The natural hairline, meticulously woven and designed, replicates the delicate irregularities found in genuine hairlines. This artful mimicry ensures that our closures and frontals don't just enhance your appearance - they become an integral part of it, lending authenticity to every glance.

Easy Bleaching of Knots - HD Lace Closures and HD Lace Frontals

To enable further customization, the knots in our closures and frontals are easy to bleach. This strategic design choice lets you to fine-tune the appearance according to your preferences.

13x6 HD Lace Frontals

Our 13x6 Frontals give you plenty of room to play with different styles. With their bigger size, you can experiment with hairstyles, from elegant updos to flowing curls, showing off your own unique style through your hair. These larger-than-life frontals are carefully created using high-definition (HD) lace, adding a hint of grandness to your look. Made from untouched raw Indian hair, provided by a single donor, these frontals capture the true essence of simple elegance.

HD Lace Closures

our closure collection comes in three sizes - 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6. Each one is crafted using raw Indian hair, and the magic touch of high-definition (HD) lace.

HD Lace Closure Size Diversity, Perfect Match

Whether you prefer the compact 4x4 closures, the balanced 5x5 closures, or the slightly larger 6x6 closures, we've got you covered. No matter your styling needs, our closures blend seamlessly with your natural hairline.

Raw Beauty, Single Donor Hair Bundles with Closures

Our closures are all about authenticity. Made from raw Indian hair provided by a single donor, you're embracing unprocessed charm at its best. 

Raw Indian Hair Wigs

Raw Indian hair wigs made from 100% real Indian hair with cuticles and untouched texture. These wigs are the real deal, promising durability and a natural feel that's easy to style.

Pure and Raw Unprocessed Single Donor Indian Hair

Our raw hair wigs are the essence of authenticity. Made from hair that's unprocessed and untouched, you get the real texture and look of natural hair. The cuticles are preserved, adding to the genuine appeal.

Built to Last

If you're looking for wigs that stand the test of time, raw hair wigs are the answer. The unprocessed nature of the hair means it retains its strength and quality, promising you a longer-lasting companion for your style needs.

Effortless Styling

Styling these wigs is a breeze. With their natural texture, you can curl, straighten, or wave them just like you would with your own hair. The hair holds styles well, giving you the freedom to switch up your look as you please.

Full Lace Wigs Human Hair 

The full lace wigs are created using real human hair, and each hair is meticulously hand-knotted across the entire lace, ensuring an incredibly realistic appearance. With these wigs, you have the freedom to try countless styles, and they look remarkably natural. It's worth noting that the process of hand-knotting each individual hair strand to make a single full lace human hair wig requires a dedicated effort of 9-12 days.

Full Lace Wigs Human Hair vs Synthetic Full Lace Wigs

Unlike synthetic alternatives, these wigs are fashioned from real human hair, contributing to a natural look and feel that synthetic options often struggle to replicate. The use of real human hair brings with it a sense of authenticity that can make a significant difference in achieving a seamless and genuine appearance.

Natural Textures and Versatility of Full Lace Wigs Human Hair

What sets Dhwarak Indian Hair's full lace wigs apart is their ability to embrace a range of beautiful natural textures. Each wig is made to capture the inherent qualities of various hair types, ensuring that the end result aligns with diverse preferences. 

The Art of Hand-Knotting for Superior Realism

Central to the creation of these full lace wigs is the intricate process of hand-knotting. Each individual hair is meticulously knotted onto the lace base. This method not only enhances the overall realism of the wig but also allows for the hair to move and fall in a natural manner. The resulting effect is hair that behaves much like your own.

A single full lace human hair wig is no small feat. It involves an intensive effort that spans approximately 9-12 days. During this time, skilled artisans work meticulously to ensure that every hair is secured in place, achieving the desired texture and appearance.

Maintaining the Beauty of Raw Indian Hair

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your Raw Indian Hair bundles, closures, frontals, and wigs:

Gentle Handling

Treat your Raw Indian Hair with care. Just like your natural hair, avoid tugging, pulling, or brushing too vigorously, especially when the hair is wet.

Hydration is Key

Just like your skin, Raw Indian Hair loves moisture. Keep it hydrated by using a leave-in conditioner or hair serum that's suitable for the texture of your hair. This prevents dryness and maintains its lustrous appearance.

Washing Wisely

Use sulfate-free and gentle shampoos to clean your hair. Avoid over washing; once or twice a month is usually sufficient. And always remember to use cold water - it helps seal the cuticles and maintain the hair's natural shine.

Detangling Delicately

Before washing, detangle the hair using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Start from the tips and work your way up to the roots to prevent unnecessary breakage.

Air Dry or Low Heat

Whenever possible, let your Raw Indian Hair bundles and extensions air dry. If you're in a hurry, use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to minimize heat damage.

Styling Considerations

While your Raw Indian Hair can be styled just like your natural hair, avoid excessive heat styling. If you do use heat tools, always use a heat protectant spray to shield the hair from damage.

Bedtime Care

Before sleeping, gently braid, twist, or tie your Raw Indian Hair in a loose bun to prevent tangling. Consider using a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize friction and frizz.

Storage Solutions

When not in use, store your Raw Indian Hair bundles, closures, and frontals in a cool, dry place. If you have a wig, invest in a wig stand or a mannequin head to maintain its shape and prevent tangling.

Professional Maintenance

If you've opted for a wig, consider having it professionally maintained and styled every now and then to ensure it stays in optimal condition. 

Core Values of Dhwarak Raw Indian Hair

Our mission is clear is to provide you with hair that's as genuine as it gets. We understand the significance of raw unprocessed single donor hair, which is why we choose to work directly with temples and avoid intermediaries. This ensures that each bundles you receive embodies the true story of its origin, untarnished and unaltered.

Our raw Indian hair bundles reflect this commitment. Sourced from single donors and painstakingly arranged to maintain their natural flow, they encompass an array of textures that speak to the uniqueness of every individual. 

But our journey doesn't end there. Our HD lace closures and frontals redefine the concept of natural. Handmade with precision, they merge seamlessly with your scalp, creating an illusion of hair that's truly yours. Each closure and frontal mimics the irregularities of real hairlines, ensuring that you're not just enhancing your appearance, but embracing it with genuine grace.

For those seeking a complete transformation, our full lace wigs embody the pinnacle of authenticity. Made from real human hair, they undergo an intricate process of hand-knotting that captures the natural movement and flow of hair. 



How to Find the Perfect Raw Indian Hair? ABSOLUTELY Best Raw Indian Hair Bundles, Raw Indian Hair Closures, Frontals and Raw Indian Hair Wigs
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