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What is raw hair?

Raw Hair is the purest form of hair. As the name states, it is natural hair in its true unaltered form. The cuticles, texture, color and all other properties of hair are preserved from the donor to the final bundles.

What is Raw Hair?

What is Virgin hair then?

Virgin Hair is the purest of the hair which is not colored or dyed or treated chemically.

What is the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

The straight forward answer is: both are one and the same. But the marketing world has labelled and coined these words with different products creating a lot of confusion. 

What is remy hair?

Remy Hair is when the hair that was cut from a donor is kept in its original grown alignment. The head and the tail of the hair is not inverted and the cuticles are intact and unidirectional.

What is the difference between remy hair and virgin hair?

Remy Hair is when the head and the tail of the hair is not inverted and the cuticles are intact and unidirectional. Whereas, virgin hair is when the hair has not been colored/dyed or treated with chemicals. They denote two different properties of a hair.

Where do you source hair from?

Dhwarak Hair Factory has auction temples across South India and is legally authorize to procure directly from the donors at the temple. To auction temple hair, you have to be a big company and should be able to risk huge amount of money. Average "cost of auction" for a temple can easily cross half a million US dollars. So not every company has wholesale access to this grade of human hair.

What is remy hair? Indian Hair, virgin hair extensions

Is Indian Hair in high demand?

It is known for the versatility and longevity. It offers a natural look and causes no irritation. Hence, real Indian Hair is always in great demand.

How do I start my hair company?

This Online Hair Store is an entry point for wholesale hair vendors, upcoming hair companies, salon hair stylists and new entrepreneurs seeking how to start a hair company/business to trail our hair bundles, closures, frontals and wigs before making a wholesale purchase.

Virgin remy hair, Wholesale Hair Vendors -remy hair extensions

We hold the largest single donor collection of real Human Hair in all natural textures. Shop Hair Weaves Bundles from the best wholesale hair vendors

Do you provide samples - bundles deals ?

Yes, you can avail bundle deals.

Are Dhwarak Indian Hair products Temple Hair?

Yes, all our hair products are made from ethically sourced South Indian Temples.

Why remy hair is misinterpreted?

Slowly the term VIRGIN and REMY became popular and the hair companies in China started using these terms for all their products. But the real truth is Hair from China is neither remy hair nor virgin hair They are balled hair and acid treated to peel off the cuticles - since balled hair is literally a waste hair procured from Indian villages, they do not have cuticle alignment. And then coloured with chemicals and coated with layers. And so the term REMY/VIRGIN became a victim of false advertising.

What is the highest grade of hair?

Indian Hair procured directly from the temple is the highest grade of hair. 

Where to buy the highest grade of Virgin hair Extensions?

The highest quality of Virgin Hair Extensions in its purest form which is not processed chemically is manufactured relentlessly at Dhwarak's Hair factory. Check our Wholesale Hair Vendors deals.

Do you sell Cambodian hair? Where to buy Brazilian hair bundles?

One Origin; Many Names - hair procured from temples is the only source of ethically sourced hair extensions in the market. Pure Hair from Indian temples is marketed as Brazilian / Peruvian / Malaysian Hair by Vendors & Distributors in United States / worldwide

What textures of Hair do you sell?

We do offer a variety of natural textures namely

Straight Hair & Body wavy Hair

Curly Hair, Coarse Curly and Organic Curly Hair

Wavy Hair - Deep Wavy and Bouncy Wavy

What is organic curly?

Organic Curly hair weave texture is achieved with organic water steaming and scrunching on curly hair bundles. No chemicals are used in this process.

Organic curly vs Coarse curly - What is the difference?

Organic Curly is achieved using water steaming and scrunching the hair with NO use of chemicals. Whereas, Coarse Curly Hair is Hand-picked and rare collection. Natural texture of the Curly hair is undisturbed and kept pure.

coarse curly hair

What is the Minimum order quality?

The minimum order quantity for bundle deals is 3 bundles and you may add closure/frontal of your choice. For samples, the MOQ is 1 bundle. 

How do I get the Wholesale Price list 2023 for Wholesale Hair Vendors/distribution?

Please fill in the contact form in order to get the Wholesale hair price list 2023

How do you maintain hair quality in such a high demand?

We procure hair only from the temples we have auctioned across South India. Also, a highly skilled and experienced procurement team deployed in all the temples that we have auctioned to collect the hair directly from the donor. This ensures the quality of the hair is maintained right from procurement.

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