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Raw Indian Hair Bundles - Drying in natural Sunlight


The dried raw Indian hair bundles are then packed and sorted according to their texture and length.

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Raw Indian Hair Weave Bundles: 3.5 oz / 100 Gram Bundle

Raw Indian Hair HD Lace Closures: 6*6 inches

Raw Indian Hair HD Lace Closures: 4*4 inches

Raw Indian Hair HD Lace Frontals: 13*4 inches


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We hold the largest single donor collection of Raw Indian Hair in all natural textures. Shop Raw Indian Hair Weaves Bundles from wholesale hair vendors. 100% Raw Indian Hair from Temples of South India

Dhwarak Raw Indian Hair Vendors Assurance

Made with utmost care at Dhwarak Indian Hair's factory in Chennai, India

Full & Healthy Bundles

No Chemical Processing

Manual Time Consuming Approach to preserve the Natural Shine & Beauty

 Durable & Long Life Wefts

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Now you can sample our full bundles / closures / frontals before making wholesale purchase. 

Raw Indian Hair Weaves - Full 3.5 oz bundle

HD 4X4 Transparent SWISS Lace Closures

HD 6X6 Transparent SWISS Lace Closures

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Raw Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair

All our products are manufactured with Indian Hair procured at temples of South India. - the best online hair store.

DHWARAK INDIAN HAIR has auctioned various temples across south India and is responsible for procuring the human hair tonsured at these temples. We've deployed our employees at these temples for tying off the hair post tonsure, collecting and securing them within temple premise.

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Raw Indian wavy hair weaves for sewins lace front HD wig making wholesale vendor

Marketed as Brazilian / Peruvian / Raw Indian Hair Extension Styles by Distributors in United States / worldwide

Though ours is 100% Raw Indian Temple Hair, they are marketed in United States, Canada, France, Germany, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Angola and other countries as Brazilian / Peruvian /Malaysian styles.

Raw Indian Hair weaves bundle deals HD Closures frontals lace front wig making

Raw Indian Virgin Hair Extensions: Temple to Factory to Distributors

What is Raw Hair? Raw Hair is when all the hair strands have cuticles intact and unidirectional. Heads in one direction and the tails are aligned in the opposite end. 

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Our Raw Indian hair extensions are

Made of raw Indian Temple Hair

Procured Through Legal Auctions from Temples of South India

Comes in Natural Colour and Textures

Cuticles Intact & Healthy with Unidirectional alignment

raw Indian hair weaves bundles with closures frontals HD wigs front lace wig making wholesale vendor with own factory in india

Know more about: How raw Indian hair is packaged in our factory?

Every bundle of hair extensions comes from a single donor.

Hair from these temples are transported biweekly/monthly to our factory in Chennai, India.

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 Also a new trend has set in United States to market the bundles as Raw Unprocessed Indian Hair. Regardless of the style names and trends, our hair extensions sourcing and manufacturing has unchanged and focussed only to deliver quality hair to distributors worldwide.

Raw Indian Hair vendor manufacturer wholesale factory from Chennai india

What is Virgin hair? Virgin Hair is the purest unaltered hair in true natural colour and texture. We make sure the hair extensions are in natural virgin colour right after procurement. And the bundles with colouring/dyeing substances are separated and not carried further to the factory floor. Also the textures are unaltered during manufacturing.

Raw Indian Hair curly weaves bundles deals

Sourcing temple hair ensures the head and tail alignment during procurement. Yet we have to make sure the bundles stay as such during the manufacturing. Various hair manufacturing measures of us ensure the cuticle directions and health are maintained all through to the final product. 

Our no chemical approach coupled with unique manufacturing ensures the hair bundles are remy and virgin - as is in the donor. We are the best Wholesale Hair Vendors and supply to hair wholesalers in Atlanta, GA, Texas, Florida, California and other states of United States and worldwide.

Raw Textures of Indian Hair

Raw Indian Wavy, Deep Wave, Curly, Straight, Coarse Wavy, Coarse Curly, Coarse Straight

Raw Indian Hair curly bundles with closures HD


Raw Indian Hair Vendors weaves bundles WhatsApp - Raw Indian Temple Hair Wholesale Suppliers India. You can buy our raw Indian Hair Full Bundle Weaves with Closures / Frontals with HD SWISS transparent lace along with Frontal Wigs. Please contact us on WhatsApp @ +919884999828 for Dhwarak Indian Hair Wholesale Price List. Our email is Sales@DhwarakIndianHair.com.

Also you can now buy our Raw Indian Hair Bundles, Closures and Frontals online before making a bulk wholesale order.

 Raw Hair Vendors Supplier Factory In India. 100% Raw Indian Hair from Temples of South India. Natural No Chemical Manufacturing. Machine Weft Weaves Wholesale Manufacturer. Cuticle Intact & Virgin Hair. Transparent SWISS Lace Frontals, HD 6X6 Closures Bulk Wholesale Bundle Deals from India. Shop Raw Indian Hair Weaves Bundles.

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