Collection: Raw Hair Bundles

Raw Hair Bundles

Raw hair, also known as virgin hair, is hair that has not been chemically treated or processed in any way. It is collected from a single donor, usually from young donors in Indian temples. Raw hair is unprocessed and has cuticles in a unidirectional pattern, which makes it strong, durable, and long-lasting.

There are several benefits to using raw human hair bundles, including:

Natural look: 

Raw hair looks and feels more natural than processed hair because it has not been chemically treated. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to achieve a natural, seamless look with their hair extensions.


Raw hair can be styled just like your own hair, so you can curl, straighten, and style it in a variety of ways. This makes it a versatile option for those who want to switch up their look.

Ease of Styling and Long-lasting:

Raw hair is known for its ability to last longer than processed hair because it has not been damaged by chemicals. This means that you can enjoy your raw hair extensions for longer without worrying about them breaking or becoming damaged.

When we say it's 100% raw human hair bundles, we mean it. The Virgin hair weaves are produced from real human hair, which have been collected from South Indian Temples located in remote places where there is no use of chemicals or any other treatment that may damage the hair against its natural properties. Due to this fact, our hair extensions are extremely high-quality product as well as a great look. Explore our bundle deals in Raw Indian Curly, Coarse Curly, Straight & Wavy hair extensions

Ethically sourced Indian Temple Virgin Hair

Get gorgeous, ethically sourced Indian Temple Virgin Hair from the largest manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Our raw hair is carefully collected from South Indian temples and is perfect for wholesale hair vendors and distributors worldwide looking for high-quality, sustainable options

 Ships from All Woman Workforce Factory 

Shop with confidence knowing that all of our orders are shipped directly from our factory in India, where every purchase helps to empower and uplift women in rural parts of South India. Our team of 100% female workforce ensures that each and every order goes through thorough quality checks before being shipped to you. When you choose us, you can be proud knowing that your purchase makes a positive impact on the lives of women in the rural community.

Raw Hair Bundles: Pros and Cons: Is your Raw Human Hair Bundles really RAW?? Know Your Hair Source!

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Our Promise

Procuring Raw Indian temple hair is tough yet maintaining the hair quality until it's shipped is much more complex as well. We at DHWARAK INDIAN HAIR work relentlessly in delivering High Quality Raw Indian Hair Extensions from our factory in India to buyers worldwide.

Authentic Indian Temple Hair

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Hair Extensions FAQ's

How do you source Indian hair?

We procure hair from south Indian temples of India. We have deployed a well-trained team at the temple to collect, preserve and make sure the quality of hair is maintained right from procurement.


Are your hair extensions made from single donor?

Yes, all our hair extensions are made from single donor with healthy cuticles.


How do you maintain the quality of hair in such high demand?

We have a dedicated quality control team to make sure the quality of hair is maintained right from procurement, all through the manufacturing process to the final ready product. We take utmost care to preserve the natural beauty of real Indian Hair.


How to purchase hair bundles for people who are looking to start a wholesale hair company?

We do have full bundle sample deals at wholesale price for those who wish to establish their own hair company. The Wholesale hair vendors sample kit is specially designed to meet your sample needs. It has 3 bundles in total, one in each texture namely straight, wavy and curly. You can even select between organic curly and natural coarse curly options. To purchase online click the link, Wholesale Hair Vendors – Dhwarak Indian Hair . 


Do you have any bundle deals available on your raw hair?

Yes, we do. Checkout our bundle deals here, Bundle Deals - Raw Indian Hair – Dhwarak Indian Hair


How to maintain Real Human Hair Extensions?

As we always say, Raw Indian Hair Extension is a proud possession. It is indeed an investment and care should be taken to maintain it properly so it can last for 5 plus years easily. Treat it just the way you treat your real hair. Keep it moisturised for that extra shine and bounce. We also recommend using organic hair products on our hair extensions.