Dhwarak Indian Hair Company

Dhwarak Indian Hair - The Hair Company is a fusion of traditional manufacturing process and contemporary machineries.

We are procure raw human hair from the South Indian temples and manufacture ready to use premium quality full lace wigs, bundles and human hair extensions.

Ethical Sourcing

All our Products are ethically and sourced from temples and highest quality Raw Indian temple hair with uni directional cuticles.

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Hair Factory Highlights

  • We follow traditional methods in manufacturing our hair extensions that ensures the natural beauty of the raw human hair is not disturbed.
  • A women led hair company in India with 100% women workforce. All our products are undergo stringent quality checks before shipping it to customers.
  • we at DHWARAK INDIAN HAIR use painstaking and time consuming manual process; on an average, a person picks 7 to 10 raw Indian hair bundles per day. So it takes a minimum of 10 man-days to pick 10 Kilo/ 100 bundles of raw hair whilst the chemical processing does it in minutes. We have no chemical approach at our factory to preserve the natural shine and look. And this is why our bundles look full and healthy.

Voice of Dhwarak

We've built this company brick by brick and all our efforts are focused on our customer, their business needs and changing market demands. We constantly update our processes to provide the best raw Indian Temple human hair extensions at right wholesale price yet not disturbing the natural beauty.

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